Macaron Cookbooks

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Macarons have always been famous in the culinary world for being difficult to master, but it is undeniably worth the effort to achieve such light, delectable treats. There are different types of macarons: French and Italian, but no matter where they originate from, everyone can agree that they are a classic dessert that should be included in any delicious collection. Our cookbook collection will guide you through the precise yet rewarding process of creating your very own homemade collection and make you proud to say that you are now officially a macaron master! So get out your apron and start making this classic, delicious treat!

A Collection of Delectable Macaron Recipes

We believe that the beauty of these treats lies in their unique flavor combinations. Two or more flavors combine together to form a delectable, perfectly balanced and captivating synthesis. With a rich history and technical theory, macarons are sure to delight and amaze anyone who crunches into their delicate coating and rich yet effortlessly subtle filling. The sky's the limit and imagination is key when it comes to creating your ideal macaron flavor combination. Do you want to WOW your guests with a striking punch of flavor? Or silence a whole room as they bite into your deliciously subtle classic creation? The choice is yours but one thing is sure - you can find your perfect recipe inside this macaron recipe book collection.

Mastering the Macaron Shell

Macaron shells are notoriously difficult to master. If you have ever tried, you will know that it is a precise science that requires trial and error and adaptation depending on your specific ingredients and baking conditions. What makes a shell hollow, chewy or unable to rise? Learn professional techniques that can guide and boost your knowledge.

  • For example, did you know that it’s absolutely essential to sift your almond flour thoroughly? If you skip this essential step, your final product may turn out lumpy and uneven. Using a fine mesh strainer or sifting your dry ingredients several times is sure to increase your chances of success.
  • Another important step is releasing air bubbles. Air bubble formation is completely normal but they can also cause the macaron shells to crack, which is far from ideal. We recommend firmly banging your sheet pans on the work surface to release air bubbles. This may seem drastic but you won’t damage your product this way, so go for it!

Perfect Your Macaron Filling

Did you know that it’s best to use room-temperature eggs? This is because they create the best foamy consistency, giving you that lovely light texture you’ve been dreaming of. Another secret to add is cream of tartar as this helps to stabilize the mixture and make your filling that extra bit more sumptuous. Find other tips and techniques inside such as how to reach the desired stiff peaks and much much more!